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used_second hand Tolerance testing machine

2-Position TBR Tire Endurance/High speed Test Machine

It is mainly used for truck and bus tire endurance test and high speed test.

No.  Technical parameters                           Technical index

1.  Position number                                    2

  2.  Test tire type                                   Truck and Bus Tire

  3.  Drum size                                     

       Diameter                                        Φ1707.6mm

       Width                                            500mm

       Surface roughness                                ≤ 3.2 μm

       Radial run-out accuracy                            ≤ 0.20 mm

       Lateral run-out accuracy                            ≤ 0.20 mm

  4.  Linear velocity of drum surface                        Max.200 km/h

       Speed accuracy                                     0 ~ +2 km/h

       Speed control method                  Automatic or manual, AC closed-loop control

       Test tire specification

  5.  Tire outer diameter                                     Φ800~ Φ1500

       Tire loaded radius                                     350~750mm

       Tire loaded radius measuring accuracy                      ±1mm

       Tire section width                                    Max.450 mm

       Rim diameter                                      17.5" ~ 24.5"

  6.  Tire test load                                        300 ~ 10000 kg

       Load accuracy                                    5% P.S. (300 ~ 1000 kg)

                                                       +1% P.S. (1000 ~ 10000 kg)

       Loading method                           Hydraulic servo in closed-loop control

       Hydraulic system set pressure                             13.5 MPa

  7.  Tire test quantity                                   One tire or 2 tires at one time

  8.  Tire test max. Steps                                   30 steps

  9.  Driving motor spec                                    AC 160 kW

  1 0. Tire spindle (shaft) braking device                        Pneumatic brake

  1 1. Tire inside air temperature measurement                   0 ~ 150 ℃

        Accuracy                                              ±1 ℃

  12. Tire inflation pressure control                                Max.10 MPa

       Accuracy                                               ±5 kPa

  13. Ambient temperature  measuring  scope                    0 ~ 80 ℃

       Measuring accuracy                                       ±1℃

  14. Machine noise              < 85dB (Unloaded, Measuring distance from machine lm)


  15. Environment protection standard                     According with IS0 14001

  16. Machine dimension                              L7700 x W1670 x H3200 mm

  17. Machine weight                                           13 t

  18. Paint color                                  as per user's requirement

used Tolerance testing machine


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