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used_second hand Inner liner cutting line

the machine is used for rolling large volumes of fiber fabric automatically open, automatic fixed-length, and according to the menu to select the tire technology requirements of 85 ° to 90 ° fiber fabric cutting, after cutting the servo control of a vacuum adsorption to fiber fabric automatic splicing mechanism, after splicing fiber fabric through curtain device of cutting and cutting, points after cutting the cord through the loading pit into the longitudinal cutting thin film, film laminating device of double location joint eventually enter coiling device for winding.

The basic function of the equipment and control


Machine mainly will hang after rolling plastic cord cutting into a certain width of plastic curtain, to Automatic splicer joint and volume into cloth to use


This machine use the most advanced 1768 AB series PLC, the Ethernet bus network, Meet with man-machine, parameter setting, memory, memory, and other functions, to facilitate the process parameters And operation monitoring

This equipment is in addition to guide open with cloth reels and coiling wheel replacement, the rest of the full automatic operation, Using cantilever is used in the main control console operation counters.

used Inner liner cutting line


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