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Xpg-600/Xpg-800/Xpg-900 Rubber Sheet Batch off Cooling Machine/Rubber Sheet Cooler Equipment Rubber Sheet Cooling Equipment/Hanging Type Rubber Sheet Coolier Machine

main structure summary of cooling machine

1>access device

Using air cylinder control the swing access frame up and down,access the rubber sheet out from the sheeter. The access speed could be adjusted manually. It could be matched with speed of the sheeter and hoist device. The back of conveyor belt install cross wheel type conveying device. It could not only prevent rubber sheet falling down but also convey the rubber edge and other impurities fron the rubber sheet to the stock pan(prevent the impurities to the separant bath) during conveying process.
Access adopt Nitrile Rubber belt to convey. Driving system adopt motor and frequency governor to adjust the speed.
Motor power: 1.5Kw     conveyor belt width: 900mm
access belt  cross wheel

 2>Pressing,printing device
Including triplet,manual rotary valve and pressing air cylinder.using manual rotary valve to control air cylinder driving adjusting roller to press the discontinuity rubber sheet together and out slice continuous rubber sheet.
Printing device could choose any six letters from 26 alphabet and 9 figure. Air cylinder drive up and down to print.

3>soaking device
Usage: soaking the rubber sheet from the access device and carrying the separate.
With separate bath and mixing bath.The material of separate bath and mixing bath is 304 stainless steel. The two bath are all with circulating water cooling pipe. Connect cooling water,it could ceaselessly cool spacer fluid to reduce the temperature of the spacer fluid to an extreme. The rubber sheet conveying of the separate bath could also rectification. With auto pick up function driven by pneumatic cylinder and reducer to drag the sheet onto the lifting conveyor belt that could keep the sheet a while in the tank and cooperate with the working of open mixing mill to keep its continue running.
Separate water bath length: 3m
Mixing motor power: 0.75Kw      circulating motors power:0.75kw

4>clam hoist device
This device carry the rubber sheet with spacer fluid to clam and convey to the air cooling area. Creeper hoist with an angle 60° with the ground. Conveying mode is two belts entrainment conveying. The conveyor belt adopt modular belt. The rubber sheet water outlet has sponge absorbs water roller. It could absorb the water from the rubber sheet. Modular belt connect front access and achieve rubber sheet automatic interruption conveying. And it has pressing tape to make the rubber sheet into the water to prevent rubber sheet float.
Motor power: 3Kw    conveyor belt width: 900mm

5>air cooling device
Content:frame,cooling fan,hanging rod and hanging rod conveying device,wind screen and so on.
Cooling fan is low noise axial flow fan. Hanging rod adopt 304 material stainless steel and install pin bolt to prevent the rubber sheet falling down. Rubber sheet enter into the air cooling area and then pressed by the burnishing equipment and the pin bolt will fix it on the hanging rod. The hanging rod is with high speed conveying device when the rubber sheet initial input. Under the bottom hanging rod install the carrier to prevent the rubber sheet falling down. Air bellow draught fan side adopt leaning structures,to convenient draught fan blast capacity could conveniently eduction from the air bellow,not back. At the same time,on the top of the air bellow side plate install exhaust duct connection,using to connect with the exhaust duct in the workshop.     
The propulsion mode of the hanging rod adopt pneumatic ratchet way. Conveying speed could be controlled by the time control controlling pneumatic electromagnetic valve. At the bottom of hanging rod air bellow install water pan. The material of water pan is 201 stainless steel.
There's  guard bar around the platform,with stairs. It is convenient to inspect and maintain for the operators top and bottom platforms.

6>automatic picking up device
This device is air cylinder and servo motor driving picking up mechanical arm to pick up the rubber sheet automatically and put on the back access conveyor belt. There's optoelectronic switch to control position and all the picking up actions. Mainly usage is to replace the workers to picking up the rubber sheet. 
Motor power: 1.1kw

7> back access conveying sheet device
Back access conveyor belt adopt two belts entrainment conveying. This structure could effectively prevent the rubber sheet falling down during conveying. Mainly used to out slice after hanging rod,and convey the rubber sheet to the swing device to swing and store.
back access conveyor belt power:2.2kw

8>sampling unit device
Sampling unit device contains air cylinder,motor reducer,guide rail. Automatic sampling timing. Each sampling 10 times,it will convey to the air bellow out side automatically and put the samples into the sample box.
mobile motor:0.75kw       sample size: diameter 60mm

9> vertical cutting device
Mainly used to cutting the rubber sheet into tiles and there's a open square hole on the cutter for connection of sheet after cutting. This could be forbidden the mass folding while the sheet wig-wag. However,the connection of sheet could be broken while next process without manual working. Each cutter is driven by one separate cylinder to control the up and down movement and the distance of cutter is adjustable.
Qty of Cutter: 4 sets 

10>automatic cutting device
Usage:cutting the cooled rubber sheet by motor driving chain pull the blade to cut. Automatic electric scale reach the set weight and will give cutting signal. The cutter will cut the rubber sheet and start the caution light to remind the weight is finished. The weight could be adjusted according to the customers' requirement. 
11>automatic swing and fold rubber sheet device
This device is with automatic up and down,automatic swing,automatic folding, automatic pressing,automatic weight, automatic cutting. Adding this device, the whole rubber sheet cooling line couldn't need personnel operating,and it could only change the sizing material tray. This device is with automatic changing tray and automatic conveying rubber stacking roller device. And it will give an alarm after every swing rubber finished.
Motor power:1.1Kw*2 set+1.5kw*2+2.2kw.0.75kw=8.15kw

12> pneumatic  control
Control any actions of all the air cylinder in the access and press.air control component choose high quality products, reliable performance. All the pneumatic element are AIRTAC in Taiwan

13> electrical control system
Electrical control system contents 1 set of control cabinet,1 set main operational console,1 set of swing rubber sheet operation box,emergency stop button and so on.
Control cabinet installed on the ground side of the access device 
master operational console installed on the ground side of the access device.
Swing device operation box installed side of the swing rubber device.
2)the whole line adopt PLC automatic control. The speed of conveying rubber sheet adopt variable-frequency speed control system. It could not only  single action speed control,but also control the speed of setting linkage following the auxiliary machine speed.
3) the whole line adopt manual and automatic control. Manual control is mainly used to debugging, troubleshooting.
4)air bellows control modee adopt group control. Each group motor has motor over-current protection circuit breaker. When one air bellow breakdown and give breakdown signal,the unit that the air bellow is in will stop blow. It could only maintain the air bellow with breakdown.
5)rubber sheet enter into the entrance of the air bellow with alerting signal when stopped up by the rubber. Every operation box is with emergency stop button to be used by the operators on the scene
6) low voltage electrical are all Schneider brand,frequency converter and PLC are Mitsubishi. proximity switch is Omron.
7)motor is Huali Brand,reducer is Jie Brand 

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